Τρίτη 05 Απρ 2016




Thank you Mr. George Gogo for your explanatory letter and your request to help you on your case against the Society of Information.

Understanding all this problem with the unmentioned Chief Executives of the above Company and reading all the papers you sent me, I led myself to do research, because your case was similar to mine which of course in the end and after inquisition of about ten Court Interrogators, the unmentioned professor decided to withdraw the accusation of defaming. I was impressed for their request, because, if the Court decided to approve it, I had not any financial or any real estate to give. And here begins my research.

First I learned from a lawyer based in Halkida that there are several illegal groups that use a technique to force the Greek Justice, according to our Law, to interfere unjustly and condemning people without this of course meaning that the Judiciary does not know what It is happening but cannot do otherwise, as they have to follow the letter of the Law. And so a social injustice is created.

I hereby give you an example to understand the intrigue and conspiracy is used to create a situation in their favor.

FIRST they send an Extrajudicial to the victim, indicating that he tarnish their name, ruined their careers and they ask the Honorable Court to impose imprisonment penalty and compensation payment.

SECONDLY the paper of Extrajudicial is constructed in such a way, that shows that they are public persons whose have harmed their dignity and there are diplomas to show that they have contact with ministers and other government people, which is not a lie, because all this is done with the participation of some Governmental . Of course receiving an Extrajudicial, you will go through to a psychological disturbance for which you will never receive compensation from anyone.

Finally I am suggesting you to consult your Lawyer giving him details of what has happened to you and find together a solution.

I will give you another example also, that was happening years ago. A perjurer and wretched Bailiff (unfortunately there are such persons) send to someone an Extrajudicial where was mentioned that the document had been delivered yet never this happened, because the said bailiff put it in his pocket. Then the shameless perjured lawyer in the court which took place without you, because of course you had not been aware, obtained an order for payment against you and because the amount was between 1000-1500 Euro you were forced to pay it because taking another Lawyer to support you, he wanted fees and attendance fees, etc., etc.

For this event I have an experience by myself, and asking the courts of Evelpidon they said that today there are people who are sending extortionated Extrajudicial which can cause you great discomfort and costs, so you are forced to pay a large part of the amount in order to save yourself from the discomfort and mental deterioration of the Courts.

With the help of Mary and Lord I wish to all of you a happy ending.

+Athanasios Laspopoulos

Bishop of Europe

Journalist - Publisher


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