Κυριακή 10 Απρ 2016



We are talking about EU meaning a United Europe, and while some people tries

hard for this economic and commercial vision of the EU with open borders,

we see that the dissolution of EU, which is nothing more than a dictatorial

German fiasco, has already begun.


We see that people with Greek nationality are threatened from people and

authorities of the EU who are binding their money in banking systems giving

the name of Capital Controls. Also if a Greek is going to the Bank in order

to change a bill of 100-200-500 Euros the Bank will charge him with a rate,

as if it was performing some banking business or otherwise oblige him to

make a deposit to his account and each week takes amount to be able to

settle its financial obligations. And here we asked, where we can be referred

for this Dictatorial practices and the answer we received was that it is a

decision of the EU.


Sirs of EU do not anger anymore the Greek citizens because we know that

the Tower of Babel has begun to collapse. You cannot complete the European

vision as you should be, by thinking that YOU, only, are correct when in fact

you are living in houses of glass and they all see and know that everything

you do is illogical and nonsense. And while you admit this by yourselves you

still do it as \\\"irresponsible omniscient.\\\"


We must also draw the attention of the EU to the idiotic system based on giving

the NSRF money to certain Governmental SA which in a nice way they are distributing

it to persons they choose and not to those who really need it and will offer work.

So for which development we are talking about Unspeakable Beings??? And here we have

all those Directors of these SA, Professors and Academics, who think that we don’t

understand. Unfortunately I cannot oblige anyone to do his duty.


And we come to NGOs. Nobody knows where they get their funds and what work they do.

Just every agency opens some NGOs and takes funds from what office and which service

we don΄t know. I hope that someone will answer my honest and sincere questions,

although I do not think so because the usual thing today is to proclaim the word

<development> and simply doing nothing.


Of course, knowing positively that the Tower of Babel (EU) collapses and the beginning

of dissolution is obvious, I hope at last someone in EU to have dignity and conscience

to save this vision which some people had for a United Europe. I personally offer my

services free as a last effort to help saving this vision.



Athanasios D. Laspopoulos



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